Our Partnerships

Core Management proudly partners with leading companies specializing in vocational training

PTN (Professional Trainers Network)

Global Leaders in Vocational Training Execution and Operations

We are proud to fully manage PTN (Professional Trainers Network), a key player in the global vocational training sector. PTN specializes in the execution of training courses, operating as the operational backbone for various companies’ educational initiatives.

At Core Management, we oversee all management aspects of PTN, ensuring the flawless execution and high quality of vocational training programs worldwide. This strategic partnership allows us to provide precise, operationally efficient training solutions that meet the dynamic needs of today’s workforce and industries.

Together with PTN, we are committed to enhancing the standards of professional training and education. Our collaboration ensures that organizations have a robust partner in delivering top-tier vocational training, preparing both individuals and organizations to excel in their respective fields.

Discover how our management of PTN can benefit your training objectives. Contact us to learn more.

You can visit the PTN website from here  to learn more.

Expanding Our Reach Through Strategic Partnerships

Core Management proudly partners with leading companies specializing in vocational training. These partnerships demonstrate our dedication to enhancing professional education globally.

A Comprehensive Management Approach

We ensure the success of our partnerships by managing key operational aspects:

Human Resources Management ?

We develop a motivated, skilled workforce.

Compliance Management ?

We ensure all programs meet current standards.

Custom Management Solutions ?

We enhance operational efficiency tailored to each partner’s needs.

These collaborations help us deliver diverse vocational training options, equipping organizations and individuals for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our network includes six elite vocational training centers known for their commitment to professional education and skill development. We oversee HR management, maintain high educational standards, and optimize course delivery, expanding training opportunities across industries. Explore how our partners’ programs can advance your career. Contact us now